The New VECTOR MCC Autopilot

UAV Navigation is pleased to announce our new VECTOR MCC. 

The VECTOR Mission Control Computer (VECTOR MCC) is highly suitable for projects that require extensive I/O capabilities and/or custom payload management

The VECTOR MCC enhances the already impressive I/O capabilities of the VECTOR autopilot, thereby allowing the user to increase even further the number of payloads which can be controlled on an advanced UAV. In this configuration, the mission is managed as usual by the UAV system operator via the GCS, taking advantage of Visionair GCS software for pre-flight configuration, mission execution and post-flight analysis. The VECTOR MCC can automatically manage the mission based on telemetry information received from the VECTOR and from any devices or payloads connected.

The VECTOR MCC provides the user flexibility to develop their own drivers for payloads which are not critical to flight safety and without the risk of interfering with core UAV control.

  • Extra I/O capabilities for the most advanced configurations. Even more connectivity options, whilst maintaining the reliability and performance of the UAV Navigation Flight Control System based on VECTOR and Visionair.
  • Safety and flexibility to develop payload-related features completely separate from core UAV control, thereby eliminating any risk to flight safety.
  • Maximum flight safety thanks to the VECTOR autopilot. Actuators and key sensors necessary for flight control are connected to the VECTOR.
  • MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD 461F and ISO 9001:2015 qualifiedhardware.
  • VECTOR SDK and Visionair SDK availability for MCC programming and Visionair customization.

Find out more about the VECTOR MCC at
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