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Target Arm Announces the Launch of Tular v3.0 – Drones On-the-Move


Target Arm Announces the Launch of Tular v3.0 – Drones On-the-Move

Target Arm releases it first commercial product for both military and commercial applications.

Target Arm Inc. officially announces the launch of their first commercial product, Tular v3.0.  Tular enables the launch and recovery of both rotary and fixed wing drones from any moving vehicle (or ship, plane, train, truck, etc.), autonomously, at speeds already over 65mph, and even during windy conditions. In particular, Tular v3.0 enables a dramatic increase in performance from previous prototypes of Tular. Typical On-the-Move applications include defense, package delivery, Oil & Gas, windfarms, energy, border/port protection, DOT inspections and many more.

Jeff McChesney, CEO & Founder of Target Arm, “I am so excited to announce Tular v3.0 and all of the new features and benefits our first commercial product includes. Of particular note, Tular v3.0 is now a self-contained, battery-operated platform – without reducing any of the very high cycle rates possible. Ryan Bigham, VP/Lead Engineer and our design team have worked very closely with our customers and package delivery strategic partners (Autonodyne and Valqari) to make vast improvements over v2.5.”

For our customers, the benefits are profound:
·      Operations from stopped or moving vehicles, ships, trucks, planes, trains, etc.
·      Inherent drone stowage (recharging/refueling/changing payloads planned in 2021)
·      Multi-domain capability (ground, maritime) with a self-contained, rechargeable system
·      Drone Agnostic: A wide array of drones are now able to fit the large breech volume
·      Autonomous drone launch and recovery (fixed wing planned in 2021)
·      Automatic Tular operations for 1-button operator control to launch and recover
·      Improved reliability enhances operations availability while reducing downtime
·      Vastly improved safety, especially on highways and other congested areas
·      Vastly improved control of Tular operations
·      Widening operational envelope to encompass more use cases

Some of the improvements with Tular v3.0 are:
·      A huge breech volume at 5’x4’x4′ (fully 10x) to accommodate more drones
·      Pins that extend twice as far in half the time (4x)
·      Pins are computer controlled for speed and distance
·      Reliability: Pins have been tested to over 230,000 cycles continuously
·      PCB designs to miniaturize controls and improve reliability
·      9 computer systems integrated into the computer controls
·      Aircraft grade aluminum infrastructure and exoskeleton
·      Scalability: Tular can be resized smaller or larger, depending on user needs
·      Mobility: Tular can be removed and used on other vehicles (self-contained)

Tular v3.0 is available for order starting November 15, 2020.

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