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Northwest UAV’s NW-44 Heavy Fuel Engine hits milestone logging over 1500 sorties.


Northwest UAV’s NW-44 Heavy Fuel Engine hits milestone logging over 1500 sorties.

The NW-44 Heavy Fuel Engine – Northwest UAV’s purpose-built propulsion system for small unmanned aircraft systems – has now successfully logged over 1500 flights in combat conditions. As the NW-44 Engine passes this noteworthy milestone, it continues to set Aviation Grade standards for reliability and maintainability.

In just a few months the NW-44 Heavy Fuel Engine has added over 500 flights to its logbooks, bringing its combat flight total to 1500 flights. As the purpose-built engine continues to soar, Northwest UAV is proud to see the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution providing warfighters and commercial operators with the best propulsion system in the small UAV category.

A complete turn-key, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) engine system designed for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS), the NW-44 Engine (pictured) is a lightweight, heavy fuel engine that performs better on every metric than any other competitive solution. This has become the standard heavy fuel solution for the UAV marketplace. The NW-44 supports aircraft in the category of 40-80 lbs (18-35 kgs) Max Gross Take Off Weight (MGTOW). This Aviation Grade, combat proven, reliable, extremely quiet propulsion systems is currently supporting the military’s Tier II UAV sector and the FAA’s 55lb weight class UAS and has gained more and more industry interest the longer it’s in the skies.

“We’re proud of this milestone for the NW-44 Heavy Fuel Engine,” President and Owner of NWUAV, Chris Harris says of the NW-44 Engine logging over 1500 flights. “But we aren’t surprised. The NW-44 offers something unique in the small unmanned aircraft systems market –Consistency. Most systems are based on hobby engines which are inconsistent from engine to engine, a throw-away after its short life. One NW-44 engine can log a thousand or more flight hours and multiple overhauls. They’re designed to allow simple routine maintenance, and periodic overhauls much like a jet engine.”

Northwest UAV’s Chief Technical Officer Jeff Ratcliffe is convinced that the NW-44 engine’s unique design for overhaul isn’t the only reason it continues to be a popular propulsion choice.

“The NW-44 is a very adaptable engine,” Ratcliffe explains. “It is built to support the 55lb commercial market and Military Tier II UAV needs, which makes it the go-to engine for a wide variety of customers. Its adaptability is yet another reason it’s a very cost-effective solution. Rather than designing and building their own purpose-built engine, our customers can quickly, easily and affordably take advantage of the NW-44 Engine’s standard professional aviation features to fit their needs.”

For customers who fall outside of the Tier II weight range, NWUAV is developing and testing a series of engines that borrow the design elements of the NW-44 Engine and offer similar capabilities for larger vehicles. Borrowing design elements from the NW-44 greatly expedites the development process and is proving successful in testing.

For more information on Northwest UAV engines visit the NWUAV website or stop by the NWUAV booth at the International Paris Air Show. Northwest UAV will be at the USA Partnership Pavilion in the Oregon State Section, Booth #3-A145.

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