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NanoSUN receives PO for innovative hydrogen refueling system from Ballard Unmanned Systems


NanoSUN receives PO for innovative hydrogen refueling system from Ballard Unmanned Systems

NanoSUN, a hydrogen storage and refueling company, is pleased to announce that it has received a purchase order from Ballard Unmanned Systems, Inc. (“Ballard”) to supply a proof-of-concept hydrogen refueler ( to complement Ballard’s FCair™ hydrogen fuel cell power systems used for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones.

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered drones can carry greater payloads and are capable of longer flight times than battery-powered models. To take advantage of these benefits, drone operators need convenient and economical refueling capabilities. NanoSUN’s refueler technology allows operators to refill drone fuel tanks safely, quickly and inexpensively. As part of this purchase by Ballard, NanoSUN plans to modify its refueler technology to be compliant with North American transport and safety standards, which are somewhat different from the European standards already supported. Additionally, the system will include interfaces common to all FCair™ propulsion systems, assuring safe and easy operation by users.

Phil Robinson, Vice President and General Manager of Ballard Unmanned Systems, Inc. stated “We are excited to work with the NanoSUN team to bring its user-friendly refueling system to North American hydrogen UAV users. The system will operate seamlessly with FCair™ carbon fiber storage tanks and hydrogen regulators, and will use commonly available hydrogen gas cylinders. Our customers are seeing a 3x flight time advantage over batteries. Making refueling easy is a critical part of our strategy to establish hydrogen as the obvious choice for commercial UAV designers and operators requiring long duration.”

NanoSUN will deliver the refueler by year-end 2019.

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