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Power Line Inspection Projects in Switzerland

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Power Line Inspection Projects in Switzerland

LIDAR data of power line corridors for modelling and simulation

Aeroscout uses its drones, the Scout B1-100 and the Scout B-330 UAV helicopter, on a regular basis for power line inspection in Switzerland. The mission areas can be reached from the Aeroscout headquarter in maximal 2.5h. Visual inspection, corona camera inspection and laser scanning is part of the services which is provided to the power line company for maintenance tasks, actualization of maps and safety assessments.

The pictures were taken during a mission flight near Zurich on a 15km long power line section for inspection with a Riegl VUX-1 Laser scanner and orthophotos. The flight duration was 1h10min from takeoff to landing. The point cloud density is 150points/m2 which makes the towers and the line clearly visible. The modeling in a software tool like PLS-CADD will be done on the basis of the scan data.

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