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The new C-ASTRAL Search And Rescue UAS – If you are lost, NSX will help.

Emergency relief

The new C-ASTRAL Search And Rescue UAS – If you are lost, NSX will help.

We are hereby previewing for you our new product, a state of the art Search and Rescue unmanned aircraft system based on the proven BRAMOR UAS platform.

The BRAMOR sAR is the latest version of the system that C-ASTRAL has fielded and one of the most versatile ones, since it is based on the new C4EYE XHD-2 platform with which it is completely compatible.

The state of the art direction finding and identification NSX sensor on the sAR system is exchangeable with the XHD-2 visible light and forward looking infra red gimbal, providing dual functionality.

SAR, disaster relief, border control and a plethora of other mission profiles are enabled with this new C-ASTRAL system configuration.

More detailed information is avaliable on the dedicated product website and brochure.
If you would like to arrange a demonstration of the system capabilities contact sales@c-astral.com.

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