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Honeywell HGuide n580 INS/GNSS Integration


Honeywell HGuide n580 INS/GNSS Integration

Aeroscout often uses its UAVs for laser scanning vital infrastructures such as power lines and towers. Hereby, Aeroscout’s customers depend on the precision of attitude, position, rotation and acceleration information so that they can generate laser point clouds with an accuracy of a few centimeters. Aeroscout’s answer was to equip its UAVs with the brand new Honeywell’s HGuide n580 INS/GNSS navigator. After an intense test phase together with the engineering team at Honeywell, Aeroscout can recommend the HGuide n580 unit because it was always a very reliable unit with excellent data quality. Currently, Aeroscout uses the navigation unit in several ongoing projects around the globe. 

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