FlytBase & Heisha Collaborate to Offer a Low-Cost Automated Drone-in-a-Box Solution

Ever since the realization of their disruptive potential, drones, especially the fully autonomous ones, are revolutionizing the way industrial operations are conducted. Though enterprises are adopting drones for industrial operations, complete automation remains far from reality. This situation is often ascribed to the lack of a low-cost and reliable solution that allows users to deploy and test drone technology without spending a fortune.

It is commonly known that to achieve full autonomy in drone operations, there are three non-negotiable components. These are, a reliable drone hardware, a docking station to charge/swap batteries and an intelligent software application to automate the entire operations workflow. This automation includes, command & control of the drone fleet and the docking station, conducting remote operations, and collecting & processing the data for a given application.

While the standard approach is to build and offer a complete vertically integrated system (consisting of a custom-built drone, docking station and the software stack), an alternative approach involves integration of these three components from three separate vendors. FlytBase has partnered with Heisha Tech to leverage the latter’s hardware expertise (along with off-the-shelf, low-cost, and reliable commercial grade drones) and bring to the market a turnkey solution at a fraction the cost of the existing drone-in-a-box solutions. This collaboration not only provides enterprises the freedom to validate the technology, but also achieve greater RoI, faster payback and ability to deploy these systems at scale.  Compatible with off-the-shelf drones such as DJI, Parrot & PX4/Ardupilot drones, Heisha’s docking stations and FlytBase’s FlytNow software provide the flexibility that users need.
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